Living is to be enjoyed

Where you’ll find the perfect present for the friend who has everything or for the college coed who has, well, nothing. It’s a neighborhood spot, but also one that welcomes visitors from afar who stop in simply to experience the remarkable collection of items.

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Looking for that ultra unique piece to accent your living space? Or maybe you want to assemble a complete room that’s a perfect balance of liveliness and comfort. Regardless of your ambitions, visiting the Peridot showroom is a must when it comes to outfitting your spaces in a way you’ll love for years to come.

Bed & Linens

The bedroom may be the most important environment in your home. Make your sanctuary as special as is can be with our beds, linens, pillows and more!


A room is generally made up of hard and soft surfaces. Decorative elements are your way to fully express the tone and vibe you want to achieve in your space. Trust the experienced and knowledgeable Peridot team to help you pick out the perfect elements to complete your vision.


Men simply aren’t equipped to understand the power of decorative pillows. But we understand completely the importance of pillows in creating a living space that is beautiful to look at as well as comfortable and welcoming.


Lighting is everything! The right lamp or chandelier can completely transform a room into a delightful place to be. Talk with eh Peridot team about some tips and tricks about lighting your space.


Never underestimate the role the right rug plays in a room. Rugs don’t just provide a texture and aesthetic under foot, they anchor the composition of your furniture pieces and can provide visual relief or add emphasis depending on your elements.




Bride & Groom

There is probably no other time in life were more advice is distributed than the lead-up to a wedding. We’re all for that right of passage. Just make sure to include the bit about the wisdom of surrounding yourselves with quality furnishings and accoutrements that will stand the test of time and provide a stylish backdrop for a blissful marriage.


Life is full of hard work and thankless tasks. This is why niceties are so important to have at the ready; so you can reward that gorgeous person in the mirror.


Tasty bites are always a welcome part of a gift you may be preparing for others. We’ve made connections with several locally owned producers of treats that are so delicious.